Leading Real Estate Lawyers in Edmonton
It is very important to have a lawyer in place when you are planning on buying or selling a home. There are many ins and outs to buying a home, whether it be brand new or brand new to you. Your real estate lawyer can be your best protection against any possible issues that may arise. We take care of the big things, like registering the mortgage, and/or providing clear title to you. But we also take care of things you may not have thought about, such as ensuring the seller has paid any and all outstanding taxes and that real property reports have compliance. Having an experienced lawyer and legal team behind you will save you money and time, ensuring its done right the first time. Our friendly and experienced staff is committed to offering a high level of expertise, responsiveness and flexibility, and will answer any of your questions and will help you understand the various costs and processes associated with buying a home.

We act for small and large builders and developers and can tailor our services to be a key part of your team and to become your “legal sub trade of choice”. We work with you on land acquisition, construction financing and servicing agreements on the front end. Then we work with you on the site development including lot sale and condo disclosure. We can assist your enhancement of the real property. A consultation over coffee or lunch is needed to determine a good fit for both parties.



Feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have; we will not charge you a fee unless we move forward with your matter.